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Budapest Burgerwar: The Clock Mexicanos Toro Hamburger by Chew.hu (Oct 31 '07)

Clock Café Budapest

Clock Café Budapest

Before I start this Budapest Burgerwar™ review of the Clock Café burger, I must confess that before chowing down I had just raked in a nice poker pot and was in a particularly good mood. I should also disclose that this timepiece-themed mock pub has been my favorite local poker and drinking den for several years, as it has everything one might need in a pub/café - a long bar, atmosphere, smoke, seating, large tables, and (for me) a convenient Buda location. And, of course, regulars and bar staff willing to put their money on the line at the poker table. Which is why the excellent food is often something of a distraction. Nevertheless, it is well worth sitting out a couple of hands for this burger.

The only thing really wrong with the Mexicanos toro hamburger is its name, which is utterly unfathomable (except as a reminder to go back and check out the chili con carne, burritos and other items in the Mexican section of the menu). This minuscule shortcoming is easily ignored once the burger arrives - there is not a hint of sweet corn anywhere near this "Mexican" meal. And at Ft 1,390 (€5.50), the burger is larger and less expensive than most of its mid-range competitors, and scores higher than most on every count. The bun, unlike the many that have been found wanting, proved to be far and away the best this reviewer has had - it seems to be purpose-baked for burgers, firm and lightly toasted before serving. The meat was also a treat, thick, not over-spiced and well-done, although other Clock regulars have complained of excess salt in the past. It was also sufficiently juicy to make up for the relative lack of condiments slathered on the bun, which is way more of a compliment than a complaint. The giant slice of lettuce might put some burger fiends off, but it was fresh and crisp, as were the onions and tomatoes. There was nothing wrong with the fries, either, although the bland tub of sauce added little to the overall experience.

So, although the Clock is my "local" and I was having a good night at the table, I will confidently see your Gerbaud Pub Burger and raise you a Mexicanos toro hamburger.

How They Stack Up:

Meat: (8/10)
Bun: (10/10)
Trimmings: (8/10)
Service/Setting: (8/10)
Affordability: (8/10)
Total Score: 8.4/10